Imperial Palace Garden



The Imperial Palace Garden in Kyoto – a place of magic and such rich colour. It was special to have some quiet minutes there this morning before all the truck loads of tourist busses would eventually arrive. Pure tranquillity.

This is a panorama stitched together in Lightroom of three individual HDR images which also were created as HDR’s in LR in first place. All shot at ISO 100 and f/7.1.

5 thoughts on “Imperial Palace Garden

    1. It really is. Go to the palace as early as it opens in the morning before the masses arrive and if you like do the first possible tour at 10.30. Makes a huge difference when it’s still quiet and you can get it sense for how this must have been in the past. Even better: there is no entrance fee yet you get so much more to see than say in Nijo Castle, which was not cheap to get in and does offer less than the palace in my mind.

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