Just another day in Ireland



On Sunday I wanted to shoot the famous Mourne Mountains (famous for featuring prominently in Game of Thrones). Splendid sunshine in Dublin – what could go wrong?!

Well, this is Ireland; arriving a good hour later at the shores of Carlingford Lough, torrential rain had arrived too while a thick wall of fog veiled the mountains in its entirety.

It was devastating. There was nothing to see – literally zero!!! Mountains? Not here my friend! So I hid away in my car, annoyed at myself for not checking the weather forecast, now hoping for a miracle….. but this being Ireland, help was just around the corner: slowly but steadily the sky broke free as the wind pushed fog and clouds away, and with it those seemingly vanished Mourne Mountains presented themselves in their full beauty.

The shot below was taken during this process of nature’s force at work.

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