Hike to the Three Sisters



Another day dominated by the weather. Not so much by rain, though it lashed for a couple of hours yet a gain – however, while not pleasant, at least you can prepare for it.

What you can’t prepare for is fog. My hopes for getting a grand vista of the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains were literally dissolved in the thickest layers of fog I can remember for quite some time.

The closer & the higher I got towards the Mountains the thicker the fog would become. So thick that it was impossible to get out of the first gear as there was simply nothing, and I means absolutely nothing to see in front.

Consternation. Irritation. Around the National Park Center those few people who made the effort to come up here looked baffled, unsure of what to do next. The great view everyone came for – not gonna happen.

I was here, though, and not prepared to give up. At least a small hike is always possible and with the camera in the bag maybe this would open up more intimate nature to shoot.

And so it did. As touched on in yesterday’s blog, it still holds true every single day: if you make the effort you’ll be rewarded more often than not.

For a brief moment fog gave way to unveil at least parts of the ‘Three Sisters’ and the valley – a brief window of opportunity to get the camera out and get a shot. I managed to find a composition with the fog framing one of these huge rocks with the valley covered in fog and clouds on the other site of the frame (feature image above).

Minutes later it was all gone and a thick mush of grey was back were it was before.

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