Ashbourne International Baseball Festival


It was a rare trip to a game I admittedly only watch occasionally – here and there a bit of MLB on TV, however it certainly was the first time live in flesh here in Ireland: off I went to Ashbourne, the International Baseball Center a leisurely 20 minute drive from my Drumcondra home. In prospect was a full afternoon at the finals day of the Ashbourne International Baseball Festival.

It’s been fun. Despite the fact that the final to crown the overall winner of the tournament dragged on long into the evening I really enjoyed the thriller that was the game between the Irish national team and a selection of the best international players of the Irish Baseball League.

The day was also another good opportunity to test the new Tamron 70-200mm lens in a real-life situation. The light and weather was changing constantly, in fact it was actually rainy and dark towards the end, as well as fast moving subjects made the G2 work hard.

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