The “G”



The cherry on the cake at the end of my three weeks in Australia – to see with my own eyes the enormity of the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

It’s the place of the AFL Grand Final when in traditionally held on the final Saturday in September or the first Saturday in October at the MCG when up to 100.000 fans flock through the gates.

The photograph is a panorama stitched together in Lightroom consisting of five vertical frames, taken at ISO 200, f/7.1 and 1/50 of a second.

Subiaco Oval Panorama



HDR Panorama of the Subiaco Oval in Perth – 6 vertical frames, 3 shots each 1 stop over/under.

WAFL & Tamron G2 shooting Demons vs. Swan



Opted to go to a Footy game in the regional WAFL in Perth today and used this chance to put my new toy – the Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD G2 through its paces. This beauty has accompanied me for this Australian trip for the very first time – and while some of the landscapes posted in this blog have been shot with the new lens, the real beauty should happen when shooting sport.

Conditions were ideal: mostly sunny, here and there a cloud – perfect for a round of footy, which is a free flowing, action packed sport!

Now I use this lens on my Nikon D7100 – bear that in mind judging the results. Most shots were taken at ISO 100-200 with shutter speeds varying between 800-1600 and usually wide open around f/2.8 to 3.5 shot at 200mm.

Given a Footy field is quite large and one is often far, far away from the action on the other side of the ground (sprinting up and down would not be advisable if one wants to survive four quarters) I’ve been impressed with the speed and accuracy of the auto focus and the sharpness of the images even at 200m and f/2.8 in those situations.

Now, you’ll find plenty of reviews on the internet that go into great technical detail on this lens. I wanna make it short: the new Tamron 70-200mm rocks!

Of course it’s all the more fun if the sun is out and you get to see a sport you love. That says: Footy rocks too! Full gallery below – click thumbnails to enlarge photographs.




Lathlain Park

Lathlain Park Perth – Sigma 17-50mm