Shoot It Now on Facebook


If one wants to be a cynic, one could  say every man and his dog has a Facebook page for photography these days. And it’s easy to see why: thanks to modern technology everyone can take half-decent snaps and all it takes is a mobile phone. A Facebook page called “XYZ Photography” is created in seconds… and there you go…. those grainy, blurred snaps from flowers seen in the business park during lunch time are uploaded in a heartbeat!

Now, I’m not a cynic. I rather think one has to embrace modern technology. Who says you’re only a photographer if you own a kit worth tens of thousands of €uros? Only those who don’t want to accept that a good photo can be anything and can be taken by anyone – it’s about the photographer and skills, but not inescapably about equipment.

In the end we all want to enjoy beautiful images, whether we take them ourselves, or others have taken them. Well, that’s the way I see it at least. I love taking photos, but I also love seeing the work of others. And sometimes even a grainy, blurred snap from the flowers from in the business park can make me smile.

But now to the actual point I wanted to make: since ever dog and his man has a photography Facebook page I’m also now a proud owner of such thing! It felt the right thing to do in support of my personal photo website. Sometimes photos are easier and quicker to share with a large audience on Social Media.

So please have a look and check out the site, and if you like it that’d be greatly appreciated: