Wild Playa de Cofete



A wild day at Playa de Cofete on the Canary island of Fuerteventura as waves crash and thick layers of clouds form around the surrounding mountains.

Panoramic Fuerteventura


The stunning panorama of Fuerteventura as seen from the Mirador Morro Velosa – six vertical frames each at 70mm taken and stitched together in post to create this kilometer long view across several barranco’s.

It’s actually not that long ago, that I owned a computer with a hard drive of the size of the original file of this image. It brought the old laptop I had with me on the trip to Fuerteventura down to its knees processing it.

On top of Fuerteventura



On top of the world…. or at least Fuerteventura. A few steps more and from there it’s pretty much 807 meters straight down! It was the rewarding end of a 30 kilometer hike starting at sea level in Morro Jable under the grueling midday heat.

From there it went along the beautiful Jandia beach all the way up to the summit of the highest mountain of Fuerteventura – the Pico de la Zarza, offering the most stunning panoramic view over the beach of Cofete.

Guayadeque Tree



Just back from a ten day long trip to Gran Canaria. No Internet, no phone, just the focus and the beauty of the island. A full blog on the trip will follow in the next couple of days – for now I only want to share the experience on this photo:

Hiking the Barranco Guayadeque at this time of the year can cause surprises. The sun was sky high when starting the hike, though things turned for worse midway through. Thick fog and heavy rain made life miserable.

Nonetheless I vowed myself on the way down that I would get my cam out at this one place where human history and nature meet in a compelling play of colour and force. Despite lashing, I got to shoot some interesting compositions – this one the one I loved most.

This lonely three, a stand out there for its wonderfully green leaves, as if it would say: I’m strong; I’m standing here proud and loud. Rain, wind and fog – you can have my a**!